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FusionBot Customer Testimonials
Following is a small sampling of the literally thousands of unsolicited comments received from our valued customers. A true testament to the fact that we pride ourselves as much on our service as we do our technology.
" I wanted to let you know, we are turning on the FusionBot search service for our client's site today. When we began looking for a search tool to improve our user's experience, we knew we liked the functionality your service offered. What we did not know was that the excellent functionality is backed by excellent customer service. Thank you for your quick response and assistance in making this project successful. We look forward to working with you in the future to implement your excellent search service for our clients. "

-- Laticia M.
" I just wanted to let you know that our new web-sites are up and running and available to the public. We were able to use your email instructions to set up searching on both of our sites. Thanks for all your help. We will definitely recommend your service to any other clients we encounter that need search functionality. "

-- Sandra L.
" Just to let you know we love your service, and we know it puts money in our pockets through speeding shoppers to products they want in our store by using the in-store search engine. I have often regretted buying into schemes in advertising or other business tools. Your service helps me believe in allies. In a world of Jacks, Queens, and Jokers, your service is an Ace Card! "

-- Aaron M.
" First off, I would like to say you have really put a new meaning to customer service! Usually people are hesitant to buy services online, with the notion that customer service is terrible and it is hard to trust a company miles away from you. However, your quick response to my needs and helpful assistance has gone above and beyond what was expected and I want to thank you. "

-- Casey M.
" I just subscribed to your Bronze Package and WOW! This is terrific. I found out about you in the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX exchange. I do my own site development for my business, but I don't have any expertise. You sure made it easy to set up searching, and it looks great. I was beginning to put together a simple JavaScript site search, sure glad I didn't. Thank you. "

-- Mike S.
" I chanced upon your search extension on Macromedia's Dreamweaver Exchange along with several others. After visiting your site (as well as the competition's) I felt confident in recommending you to my client. I was most impressed with the demonstration account you configured for me, displaying FusionBot's capabilities. I'd like to thank you for your professionalism in setting up the Silver Package in anticipation of our needs. I will certainly recommend your solution to any of my clients in the future. "

-- Angela S.
" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for the customer service and technical support you have extended. I cannot think of another company from whom I've ever received such superior service. As I mentioned, I had another 'outside' search service providing the search capabilities on my site until today, when I switched to your company. I could not ask for better support and assistance and your responsiveness to my inquiries has been exceptional. "

-- Carol C.
" Recently we subscribed to the FREE Package of your amazing software and I have personally never seen anything like it. It accomplished in a matter of minutes what it would have normally taken my Web people literally weeks to accomplish and even then, I doubt if they could have achieved the proficiency and accuracy of your software package. "

-- Evan C.
" I would like to say that I really value your company's relationship-building approach. It makes me feel that we can make suggestions to improve your product that will be seriously considered, to the benefit of both our organizations. That will remain a significant consideration in our future discussions of search functionality for the various sites we operate. "

-- Allen G.
" I am in the process of developing an extranet for our clients. I am, however, on the 'business' side of things, not the 'tech' side and I know very little about web development, html, and the like. In the process, I have contacted well over 25 companies in search of adding value-added content and services to our site. Specifically, I contacted a number of your direct competitors and FusionBot has outshined them all. In an age where it's hard enough to get someone to even reply to an email, much less answer the phone, I can say with confidence that through your efforts I will be a loyal customer of FusionBot and would be pleased to recommend your firm to anyone. "

-- John H.
" Thanks gain for all of your help and support. It's a pleasure to deal with outfits like yours that are responsive and thoughtful. If all companies responded like yours, I'm certain the dot-com debacle could have been averted. "

-- Dave V.
" Your FusionBot service offers a huge improvement in performance, accuracy, and speed over our previous in-house search solution, and the transition from our corporate site to the FusionBot hosted search results is seamless, thanks to the intuitive online customization process. We are very happy with our Silver Package and the staff at FusionBot was most helpful during the setup of our service. "

-- Jonathan G.
" FusionBot is fast, functional, and easy to integrate for all of our customer's solutions. And the support is second to none. "

-- John S.
" It's nice to deal with a company like yours that goes the extra step and provides personal attention to a client. "

-- Michael D.
" Thanks for your help. Your search engine even helped me find some links to important documents on my site that were not even working. It may have been a long time before I would have even discovered this. Thanks again for your valuable service. "

-- Larry C.
" What a wonderful service! I love the site search and sitemap additions to my website. It not only will help my customers to find their favorite treasures, but it will help me when I need to search and edit any changes that I need to make in some of my categories. It will be a great time reducer. I wish everyone was as responsive, prompt, courteous, considerate, and thorough to their business as you are. "

-- Barbara U.
" I am truly excited about FusionBot. It has indexed my site for search purposes a whole lot better than any other service I have tried. Thank you so much for responding to my inquires so quickly. "

-- Jeffrey G.
" Wow! Where has FusionBot been all my life? I was researching site search tools over a year ago when I worked for a previous company. I started working for my new company in February of this year and I knew I needed to implement a better site search feature on the site ASAP. However, I was bogged down with the learning curve of a new job and many other tasks. If I had know how easily and quickly it is to implement such a powerful and cost-efficient site search tool, I would have done it months ago! "

-- Betsy L.
" Your personal and prompt attention has been very impressive, as a result the transition from our previous less effective site search tool has been remarkably smooth. Iím glad we chose FusionBot over the other three contenders. "

-- Wayne S.
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