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Frequently Asked Question #100
Can I initiate a re-crawl of my site without logging into my FusionBot account?
FusionBot provides for the ability to initiate 'Index-on-Demand' requests and/or a scheduled 'Auto-Refresh' updates of your site by making a remote HTTP call to our server. This option prevents you from having to login to your account to make/schedule re-crawl requests.

To initiate a remote re-crawl, issue an HTTP GET request to our server using the following syntax:

Account Number This is the unique Site ID number assigned to your account when subscribing to FusionBot. Your Site ID / Account Number can be retrieved by logging into your account and selecting the 'Account Info' tab.
Keycode To retrieve your keycode, a private 4 character alphanumeric PIN assigned to your account, click on the 'User Info' tab within your FusionBot account. Your keycode value will be listed on this page. If at any time you change your package level, a new keycode will be generated, and in order to keep your remote call functional, you will need to update this value.
Type Type of re-crawl request. MUST be either 'R', for requested (Index on Demand), or 'S' for scheduled (Auto-Refresh).

Using the typ=S (auto-refresh) flag allows you to schedule your auto-refresh rate based on your own timing / schedule as opposed to FusionBot's pre-defined schedule. In this manner, you can select your own auto-refresh time and day, and schedule the remote re-crawl request using your own scheduler / cron process on your side. In order to use your own auto-refresh schedule, your auto-refresh rate MUST be set to 'On Demand' within your account, otherwise a remote call using the typ=S flag will be ignored. Setting your auto-refresh rate to 'On Demand' prevents FusionBot from scheduling an auto-refresh, while at the same time, running your own scheduled auto-refresh as well, which would result in duplicate / redundant crawling.

Based on your package's maximum auto-refresh rate, you CANNOT issue a remote re-crawl request using the typ=S any more frequently than the maximum frequency available for your package. Therefore, if you are subscribed to the Bronze package, the maximum auto-refresh rate available at this plan level is 'Weekly', and as such, when issuing a remote re-crawl request using the typ=S flag, you can only make such a request once per week. Any other requests received sooner than this maximum threshold will be ignored.

Using the typ=R (requested) flag within your remote re-crawl request is functionally identical to logging into your account and clicking on the 'request spider' link. The same restrictions apply in terms of the number of Index-on-Demand requests available for your use each month, and this allotment cannot be exceeded, regardless as to how the request was initiated. Any requests using the typ=R flag beyond your available requests per month will be ignored.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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