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Frequently Asked Question #104
Can I allow my visitors to preview matching pages directly within the FusionBot generated search results page?
Starting with the Bronze package you can elect to display a 'preview' link (sneak-a-peek), as part of your results context, that will enable your visitors to preview matching HTML documents directly within their search results page.

This feature prevents your visitors from having to leave their search results page to review the contents of matching documents. This makes the 'preview' function especially useful when multiple sites have been indexed using the FusionBot miniportal feature.

To include / remove the 'preview' link as part of your results context, login to your account, and click on the Customization tab. From there, click the 'results context' option. This feature is disabled by default.

For Silver customers and above, this feature can be further customized through the applicable FusionBot Object Tags placed within your template as follows:

Object Tag Function
$LGK_SCRIPTS Located in the <HEAD> section of your template HTML. When the preview feature has been enabled, the required scripting language code for this feature to function will be inserted in place of the $LGK_SCRIPTS tag.
$RES_DEFINE_PREVIEW(h,w,open,close) Optional tag. By default, this tag is NOT present in your template. However, if you wish to override the default values for the preview window's height (h) and width (w), as well as the text or graphic used for the open and close 'preview' links, include this tag in the <HEAD> section of your template HTML.

When this tag is not present, the default values are:
h='250',w='100%',open='preview', and close='close preview'
Therefore, to override these values, include the following in your template's <HEAD> section, with the values you desire, such as: $RES_DEFINE_PREVIEW(h='300',w='95%',open='sneak-a-peak',close='close')

Note that the syntax above, when placed in your template, MUST appear on a single line.

The open option value should be treated as any HTML that would / could exist between open href <a>, and close href </a> tags. Therefore, if you wish, the value of the open attribute could be an image, rather than text, such as:

open='<img src="" border=0>'
The same holds true for the close attribute as well:

close='<img src="" border=0>'

Note, the $RES_DEFINE_PREVIEW() tag accepts any or all of the attributes referenced above. You only need to include in this tag those attributes whose value you wish to override from its default setting.
$RES_PREVIEW This tag is placed within your template where the clickable 'preview' link should appear, and whose open and close text or image values are the default FusionBot settings, or defined by the $RES_DEFINE_PREVIEW() tag located in your template's <HEAD> section
$RES_PREVIEW_PANE This tag is placed within your template where the hidden 'preview' window should appear when the 'preview' link is clicked, and whose width and height attributes are the default FusionBot settings, or defined by the $RES_DEFINE_PREVIEW() tag located in your template's <HEAD> section.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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