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Frequently Asked Question #106
Can I limit the length of the URLs FusionBot displays for each matching result?
As part of the context for each result, FusionBot displays the matching page's full URL.

For cosmetic purposes, in order to make sure extremely long URLs wrap within your visitor's browser, FusionBot will automatically insert spaces, within the display URL only, at certain break points, such as the front slash (/), and the question mark (?), so that long URLs will wrap on the inserted spaces, rather than potentially degrading the appearance of your search results page by forcing content to expand wider than its intended design.

If, however, this automatic feature does not adequately prevent problems with the display of your URLs, you can set a hard-limit on the maximum number of total characters FusionBot will display for any URL, whereby this limit will ensure that no URL will cause your results formatting to become corrupted.

To define a fixed limit on the maximum URL display length, you must manually edit your FusionBot search box HTML code, to include the following value just before the close FORM tag (</FORM>) tag:

<input type="hidden" name="urx" value="X">

Where X is the maximum length to display for any URL.

It should be noted that when a URL is truncated using this feature, in order to signify that truncation has occurred, FusionBot will insert 3 ellipses (...) at the end of the truncated URL, and as such, the 3 ellipses will count towards the total length of the display URL.

If you do NOT want FusionBot in include the ellipses, pass in the value of X as a negative number.

So, based on the explanation above, the following default FusionBot Display URL would appear in the search results as: faqs/ faq44.asp

Now, with a urx hidden field value of 35, the URL would appear as: faqs/ ...

And finally, with a urx hidden field value of -35, the URL would appear as: faqs/ faq

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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