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Frequently Asked Question #110
Can I cluster my search results into specific groups or categories?
When using the FusionBot 'search regions' feature, you are effectively assigning specific pages of content to a particular "category" within your website(s). Therefore, by enabling the 'grouping' option, when a visitor conducts a search against any partition in your search box that will produce results from multiple regions, their results will be grouped by the category in which the results belong.

Grouping enables the more prominent display of best matches within each category (group), rather than returning a single list of results against your entire index. For some, this may be a more preferable and organized method of display, enabling your visitors to make a choice of which page to view, based on the category in which it belongs.

To enable the grouping feature, from the Customization tab, select the Search Regions option, and on the resultant page, change the 'Results per Group' setting from 'Disabled' to any of the options presented. You can elect to have FusionBot return a maximum of 3, 5, 10, 25, or 50 results per group defined. If a greater number of results exist for a particular category than the maximum value selected, FusionBot will include within the search results a "More From this Group" link.

Again, you can begin to see the value this feature presents, in that less relevant pages from one group will not flood a user's results, preventing them from seeing potentially better matches for their query which belong to another group, but may be buried deeper in the results set.

By way of example, if you have a 'search region' setup as follows:

"Entire Site" FB_ALL
"Press Room"

With grouping enabled, if a visitor elects to search against the "Entire Site" partition, since this means results may be returned from multiple categories, the results will be grouped into "clusters" labeled "Products", "Brochures", and "Press Room". If a result does not fit into a category, it will be included in a "catch all" category automatically labeled by FusionBot as "Other".

In another example, if a visitor were to select the "Products" category to search against, it is possible that results will exist in multiple categories, either "Products", or "Brochures", and as such, grouping may occur.

However, if a visitor were to search the "Press Room" partition, no grouping will occur, since it is not possible, based on the setup of the search regions form, for results to be returned from anywhere other than the "Press Room" category.

As you can see, the label assigned and displayed for a group is the same that has been assigned as the search-box partition label. During your setup / testing, you may find that you wish to use an alternative name when labeling the 'group' in a search result, as compared to the label used in your search box drop-down menu (partition label).

In this case, you can assign a grouptitle="XXXX" attribute to the first occurrence of a particular partition label in your search regions form. That is, if you have multiple instances of the same label name, 'grouptitle' only needs to be placed on the first instance:

"Entire Site" FB_ALL
"Products" grouptitle="Items"
"Press Room"

In the above example, results returned from the partition labeled "Products" in your search box will have a group title displayed as "Items".

To see grouping in action, following is a link to our corporate website, where a search for the keyword 'spider' has been submitted against the entire index.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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