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Frequently Asked Question #111
Can I configure the FusionBot search results to appear to stay to within my own URL / domain?
If you choose to implement your FusionBot search solution by receiving your results as an XML data feed, by virtue of this selection, results will remain local to your own server, since your visitor's search will be submitted directly to your own server, whereby the query will then be submitted to FusionBot behind the scenes, via your custom script.

If you do not wish to receive your results as XML, the FusionBot transparent DNS feature enables searches to be executed remotely on our FusionBot servers, yet the URL viewed in the address bar of your visitor's browser will remain within the same domain as your site. This allows for a completely seamless and transparent private-labeled search implementation.

You can implement transparent DNS in one of two ways. Through DNS, if you have administrative privileges for making changes to the DNS zone file for your domain, resulting in your search results resolving on ''. This is the simpler of the two approaches.

Or, you can insert a server-side script, written by FusionBot (currently available as .asp or .php), that will make calls to the FusionBot server behind the scenes, and re-display the results to your visitors while keeping them within the EXACT URL, including the hostname, of your website. That is, results can resolve on:

For example, where 'search.asp' is the custom script provided by FusionBot. In this manner, nothing about the URL changes whatsoever as it relates to where your actual pages are hosted and where your search results resolve. If your site does not support ASP or PHP, we can provide you sample coding to assist in implementing in your own environment.

The transparent DNS option is included by default with the FusionBot Gold package, and can be implemented for an additional fee on any other paid level package. For more information please contact our Sales Department.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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