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Frequently Asked Question #113
Can visitors add my FusionBot search engine to their list of available search providers included in their browser's built in search function / toolbar?
FusionBot provides an automated means, after a user conducts a search on your site, to display on your results page a prompt box offering your visitors the ability to add your search engine to their browser's list of available search providers, accessible via the browser's built-in search function / toolbar. In this manner, visitors can search your site directly from their browser without first having to visit your site to submit their search.

To configure your toolbar options, select the 'search toolbar' link, accessible via the 'customization' tab after logging in to your FusionBot account:

Once the toolbar options are configured in your FusionBot account (only the Toolbar TITLE field is required), the prompt box, offering your visitors the ability to install your search feature to their toolbar will display on your search results page:

In the example above, 'FusionBot Site Search' will be replaced with the content that you've populated in the toolbar title field in your account.

A visitor can elect to temporarily close the prompt box, via the red 'x' in the lower right-hand corner, or permanently close the box by either clicking the 'Don't show this again' link, or electing to install the search feature by clicking the appropriate link. FusionBot will set a cookie when the search feature has been installed or permanently closed, preventing the dialog box from reappearing.

Once the toolbar has been installed, your visitors will then be able to select your search engine from their browser's list of available engines to use for submitting their search as shown:

Please note that only FireFox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 7.0+ support this feature. For individuals using a different browser, the dialog box will simply not appear on their results page. For Silver and Gold customers, please make sure that the FusionBot object tag $LGK_SCRIPTS is present in the <HEAD> section of your results template for this feature to function as intended.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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