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Frequently Asked Question #15
What search syntax does the FusionBot server support?
Below is a table, which outlines the search syntax, supported by the FusionBot Server. By default, our server will return only those pages containing every keyword searched.  Therefore, searching for: logika corporation will return the same results as searching for: +logika +corporation.

Search Example Explanation
Single Keyword logika Returns each page containing the keyword logika
Multiple Keywords logika corporation Returns each page containing the keyword logika AND the keyword corporation anywhere within the document.  Same as if you had typed: +logika +corporation (see Boolean)
Phrase "logika corporation" Returns each page containing the exact string in quotes, meaning only those pages where logika is followed directly by corporation.
Boolean +corporation
logika OR corporation
Returns each page based on the Boolean condition being met.  A plus (+) preceding a keyword indicates that the keyword MUST exist on the page.  A minus (-) preceding a keyword indicates that the keyword MUST NOT exist on the page. An OR separator returns any page that contains either the keyword logika, or the keyword corporation. The OR separator MUST be all uppercase.
(Partial Keywords)
Returns each page where a keyword exists that either starts with, ends with, or is contained within a particular term.  Therefore, the first example would return any page containing keywords starting with log, such as logika, or log, or logic.  The second example would return any page containing keywords ending in ika such as logika, or  troika,  or paprika.   The third example would return any page containing keywords with log within itself, such as prologic, or biology.
Title Search ^logika Returns each page containing the  keyword logika within the <TITLE> section of the HTML.
URL Search $product Search all indexed URLs within a site including the domain name, directory path, and filename / extension.

Also, for advanced / power users, familiar with regular expressions syntax, FusionBot supports the use of the GNU implementation of Regular Expressions search syntax when conducting a search.

To conduct a regular expression search, append the indicator: re: to the front of your search query.

For more information on formulating regular expression queries, please reference the following resource.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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