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Frequently Asked Question #20
Why haven't I received an email confirmation that my site has been indexed and/or re-spidered?
There are a number of reasons that may be causing this problem. This problem may also result in the message 'There appears to be an error with your request' when a search is attempted. To resolve this issue, please review the following most common problems:

  1. Verify that the spider is not still in the process of crawling your site. You can do so by launching the 'Spider Progress Viewer', which provides a real-time view of the spider's progress against your site. To launch the 'Progress Viewer', login to your account, click on the 'Spider' tab, and select the 'progress viewer' link.

  2. Check the email address entered during sign-up to be sure that it is correct. If you have not given a valid email address, we will be unable to send confirmation emails when our process has completed. However, your index should still be live and searchable.

  3. If you did not receive a second email during the sign-up process, nor do you receive an email confirmation when you request a spider via the MyFusionBot Member Center, our spider is having a problem connecting to your site. The reason for this could be one of the following:

    Is your Domain Path and or Starting Page correct? Please login and check these settings. Many times the starting page and its extension may have been improperly entered.

    Do you have a robots.txt file in your root directory or a ROBOTS META Tag exclusion clause on your start page? These parameters will prevent our spider from indexing your site as you have specified for your site not to be indexed.

    You can still use a robots.txt file to exclude other engines from indexing your site while still enabling FusionBot to successfully build an index for you. To do so, please reference our FAQ concerning this topic.

    Are your pages hosted on a different domain than the domain path provided? For example, if you entered as the domain path, however, all of your links within your site point to, our spider will not follow these links as it sees them as 'off-site' and not part of your content. To resolve this problem, you will need to change your Domain Path to the actual URL where your site is hosted, in this example. To change your Domain Path, after logging into your account, from the 'User Info' tab, select the 'Change Domain Path' option.

    If your site is hosted on a virtual server, you must enter the actual domain name of your site, and not the virtual server name. This is the case for many free hosted services.

    Does your start page immediately redirect? If so, please enter a different start page for FusionBot to enter your site.

    Are all on your links generated via "formulas" within JavaScript? Many times if your links are encoded within special JavaScript or other non-standard scripting languages, our spider may have a difficult time locating your links for indexing.

    Check your pages for HTML errors. If HTML tags are improperly opened and closed, our spider will be unable to parse them for inclusion in your index.

    To view the status of your last successful spider, including which pages were included in your index, which pages were excluded from your index, and why, please login to your account and execute the Index Log Report.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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