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Frequently Asked Question #24
What languages are supported by the FusionBot index?
By default, FusionBot supports the ISO 8859 Alphabet Set. ISO 8859 is a full series of 10 standardized multilingual single-byte coded graphic character sets for writing in the following languages:

  1. Latin1 (West European)
  2. Latin2 (East European)
  3. Latin3 (South European)
  4. Latin4 (North European)
  5. Cyrillic
  6. Arabic
  7. Greek
  8. Hebrew
  9. Latin 5 (Turkish)
  10. Latin 5 (Nordic)
In most cases, FusionBot will also function correctly for double-byte Asian character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which utilize the UTF-8 (or compatible) encoding scheme. However, since these alphabets are represented by a double-byte character set encoding scheme, your available page count for a particular package MAY be reduced by half.

The default header within the FusionBot generated page is for character set ISO-8859-1. If your language is not part of the ISO-8859-1 character set, you must select the desired value for your results page by logging into your FusionBot account, selecting the 'Customization' tab, 'page display options' option and clicking 'Character Set' link.

From this page you may select from any of the default supported character sets which represent your language, or select 'Custom' in the drop down box and manually enter the value of your desired character set directly into the input box provided. Doing so will ensure that the viewer's browser will display / interpret your search results as intended.

There may be times when your index contains content from multiple disparate character sets, and you've partitioned your search results so that only results within a particular character set are returned when a particular search box is used. In this scenario, the character set specified in the <HEAD> section of your search results needs to vary based on the search box used and the results displayed. To control the character set value for FREE and Bronze customers, on a per search box basis, include the following hidden field just before the close form tag (</FORM>) of your FusionBot search box:

<input type=hidden name=chr value=charset>

Where charset is equal to the value of the character set of the search results being returned.

Note: Since Silver & above customers have access to the FusionBot Custom Template feature, to specify / override the default character set value of ISO-8859-1, you must manually edit this default value in the <HEAD> section of your template file, rather than utilizing the process described above.

For partitioned search results by character set with the Silver and above packages, simply create multiple templates with the appropriate character set defined within each.

Below is a table of additional Character Set values supported by FusionBot. Don't worry if your Character Set is not present. To set FusionBot up to return an alternate character set value, login to your account and follow the instructions above.

Character Set Label
windows-1250 Windows Central Europe
windows-1251 Windows Russian
windows-1253 Windows Greek
windows-1254 Windows Turkish
windows-1255 Windows Hebrew
windows-1256 Windows Arabic
windows-1257 Windows Baltic
- OR -
iso-8859-2 ISO Central Europe
iso-8859-3 ISO Maltese & Turkish
iso-8859-4 ISO Baltic
iso-8859-5 ISO Russian
iso-8859-6 ISO Arabic
iso-8859-7 ISO Greek
iso-8859-8 ISO Hebrew
iso-8859-9 ISO Turkish
koi8-r koi8-r Russian
x-mac-roman x-mac-roman Mac Western Europe

As an example, if your site uses the Russian character set, you should select 'windows-1251' to override the default FusionBot value.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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