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Frequently Asked Question #25
When a user clicks on a link within my search results or sitemap page, can I control the default frame in which the page is displayed, including the ability to open the link in a new window?
You can control the frame / location in which the links on your search results / sitemap are displayed when clicked, by logging into your FusionBot account, selecting the 'Customization' tab, and clicking on the 'Search Hits Target' option.

From this page, you will be presented with an input box for entering the desired value of the target frame in which the clicked search results should display.

The value of the target field may be a custom name as defined in your frame pages, or one of the default HTML names as follows:

  1. _self (display links in same frame as results page)
  2. _top (display links within the entire page, not within current frame only)
  3. _blank (display links in a new browser window, i.e. pop-open a new page)
  4. _parent (display links in the parent frame in which the current frame is a child of)
Thus, if you wish to have the links on your search results and sitemap displayed in a new window, when clicked, you should enter "_blank" (without the quotes) as the value in the input box provided.

Entering a value in the above referenced field will serve as the global target value for ALL matching documents on your search results page, regardless of their source. There may be times, however, where for certain URLs you wish for the clicked link to launch in a new browser window, while for other links you do not. This is common, for example if you have implemented a mini-portal, and your search results combine content from both onsite and offsite sources. In this case, when a visitor clicks a link that will send them offsite, you may want for a new window to be launched, but when they click a link for a page that is onsite, you may not.

Silver & Gold customers have the ability to specify, on a URL by URL basis the specific target value that should be assigned to each link that appears in the search results. They can do so by defining custom target values within the <HEAD> section of the FusionBot search template, as follows:

$RES_DEFINE_TARGET("URL of Target to Affect","Target Value")

Enter on a separate line, within the template's <HEAD> section, each URL / Domain that you wish to define a custom target value for, which will override the default / global setting applied directly within your FusionBot account, as explained above.

Essentially, whichever target behavior you desire for the majority of your links should be set as the default / global value within your FusionBot account, while any other URLs should have their target value overridden by setting a custom $RES_DEFINE_TARGET() entry in your FusionBot search template.

For example, if you wish for the default target behavior to pop a new window, you can specify this by setting the target value within your FusionBot account to _blank, then, for any URLs / pages that you wish to assign a different target value, in order to override the default value set within your account, place $RES_DEFINE_TARGET() tags in your template, similar to the following:


The URL entries made as part of your DEFINE statement MUST utilize one of the following syntax rules:
  1. Absolute URL (left compare), i.e. your entry MUST start with http:// or https://, resulting in a search result's target value being assigned when the result's URL matches on a left-compare against target URL entered within the $RES_DEFINE_TARGET tag.
  2. Wildcard Right Compare, i.e. *.doc, enables you to assign a target value for pages that end in the value entered, in this example, pages that have the extension .doc.
  3. Sub-String Compare, i.e. *products*, enables you to assign a target value for any page/URL that has the value "products" anywhere within its page name / URL.
As such, multiple $RES_DEFINE_TARGET() tags could be present in the <HEAD> section of your template, similar to the following:

$RES_DEFINE_TARGET("*.xls","_blank") $RES_DEFINE_TARGET("*.pdf","_blank") $RES_DEFINE_TARGET("*products*","_blank")

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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