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Frequently Asked Question #29
Can I prevent a particular portion / section of my page(s) from being indexed?
You can prevent a particular section of your page from being indexed by surrounding the content you wish to exclude with the <noindex>...</noindex> tags. The <noindex> tags will only work within the <body> of your HTML.

Please note, however, that this will only prevent the indexing of actual words on a page, but will NOT prevent our spider from following a specific link or links that may be included between the <NOINDEX> tags.

To prevent the FusionBot crawler from following a specific link or links within a page, please reference our following FAQ:

To instruct FusionBot to omit a particular section of your content, but allow all other crawlers to continue indexing, use the <noindexfb>...</noindexfb> tags instead. Note the addition of "fb" to the end of the <noindex> tags.

Many times sites have a common footer bar or navigation bar on every page that may skew the search results, causing every page to be returned when a particular keyword is searched. The <noindex> or <noindexfb> tags will cause our spider to ignore a specific section of your page while continuing to index its remaining content.

This is different than the creation of a robots.txt file or the META NAME="ROBOTS" tag which will prevent an entire page or directory from being indexed.

Below is an example of the no index implementation. The tags must be implemented exactly as demonstrated to function properly. Also, after making changes to your desired pages, you must login to your account and click on the 'Request Spider' button for your changes to take effect:

This is the content you wish
to be excluded from your index
within a particular page.


Or for FusionBot only:

This is the content you wish
to be excluded from your index
within a particular page.


Alternatively, if do not wish to use pseudo-HTML like tags for instructing the FusionBot spider to ignore content, for HTML compliancy, the following comment tags, surrounding your content to ignore, are also supported by FusionBot:

<!--noindex begin-->...<!--noindex end-->


<!--begin noindex-->...<!--end noindex-->

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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