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Frequently Asked Question #32
How do I implement FusionBot using Microsoft FrontPage?

To insert your HTML using FrontPage:
  1. Make sure you are in Design view.
  2. In Page view, at the bottom of the document window, click Design.
  3. Place the insertion point (click your mouse cursor) where you want to insert the FusionBot search box HTML code, i.e. where you want the search box to appear on your page.
  4. Press CTRL+Q and click Insert HTML.
  5. In the Quick Tag Editor, delete any pre-populated tags, and paste the FusionBot search box HTML code.
  6. Click the green checkmark to accept your entry.
If your HTML code was pasted correctly, your search box will now appear. Click the Preview option at the bottom of the document window and conduct a test search to verify that your search box is functioning properly.

For FrontPage versions prior to FrontPage, please reference the following instructions:

To insert the FusionBot HTML code supplied, which displays the search box to your visitors, do the following while displaying the page you wish to modify in the FrontPage Editor:

FrontPage has three edit modes: Normal, HTML, and Preview. Since what is provided for you to insert is raw HTML code, you must be in HTML Mode. To enter HTML Mode, click the HTML tab located at the bottom of your page, and paste the FusionBot supplied HTML code.

The best way to proceed is first, while in Normal Mode, position your cursor where you would like the search box to appear by clicking on the desired location on your page.

Once this is completed and the cursor is blinking in the desired location, click on the HTML tab and paste the provided HTML code.

Once completing this step, click back to Normal or Preview Modes and instead of the raw HTML code being displayed, you will see the actual search box as intended.

Accidentally pasting the provided code while in Normal Mode will cause the HTML to appear as text rather than displaying the search box as intended.

If after following the instructions above, your HTML still appears as code on your page, it is likely that the code you are pasting has become corrupted in some way. Please login to your FusionBot account, and click on the 'Get HTML' icon at the bottom of your screen to receive a fresh copy of your HTML code.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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