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Frequently Asked Question #47
Can I prevent a specific link on my page from being followed / indexed?
For times when you wish for FusionBot to ignore / not follow EVERY link on a particular page, please reference the following FAQ:

There may also be times, however, when FusionBot SHOULD follow most of the links on your page, but you wish to omit a specific link or set of links from being indexed / followed within your document.

Under this scenario, you should use the <NOFOLLOW>...</NOFOLLOW> tags wrapped around the specific <A HREF...></a> tag in which you wish for FusionBot to ignore in your document.

Additionally, you can allow for these instructions to apply only to the FusionBot crawler by appending "FB" to the end of the tag name:


Therefore, for FusionBot to ignore the following link in your document:

<A HREF="">Click Here</a>

Place the following tags around the link:

<NOFOLLOW><A HREF="">Click Here</a></NOFOLLOW>

- OR -


Please note that these links will only be ignored when our crawler is attempting to follow them from this page. However, should our crawler find these links again from within another page where the
NOFOLLOW tags are not present, they will then get indexed.

To prevent FusionBot from indexing a particular page regardless as to where it is linked from, please reference the following FAQ for implementing a robots.txt file:

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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