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Frequently Asked Question #48
FusionBot is unable to parse links to pages on my site, is there a workaround?
The FusionBot spider is very adept at parsing your HTML files, and locating links to additional pages within your site, including the ability to parse client-side scripting languages either directly in your HTML, or inserted via a remote include file. However, there may be times that the spider is simply unable to extract links to your pages when your links are generated using client-side scripts, or if your navigation bar is compiled into a custom applet. Then end result may be a lower than expected page count for your index.

Before proceeding, be sure to login to your account and view your 'Index Log Report'. If items linked directly from your startpage do not appear in your report, it is likely that FusionBot was unable to parse/find these links within your pages.

Please Note: If your index was not successful at all, there is likely a different problem than what this FAQ addresses. Please reference the following FAQ first for primary reasons why you may be experiencing a problem.

If, after completing the above process, you have determined that the reason your index is incomplete is due to the inability of our crawler to parse your pages and find valid links (if you are unsure, please email Customer Support, and we will investigate), try the following workaround:

To correct this problem, you should embed "hidden links", within the default / start page of your web site, which link to the rest of the pages on your site.

In this manner, the FusionBot crawler will be able to "see" these links within the source of your HTML code, but they will not be visible to viewers of your web site.

To create an invisible link, simply construct a standard <A HREF=...>...</A> tag, but do not place any content between the open and close tags. Doing this will result in the creation of a valid link without displaying any text.

For example, a standard link in HTML would be created as such:

<A HREF="">Click Here</A>

Where the clickable text would appear as "Click Here".

By removing any text that is between the open and close <A> tags:

<A HREF=""></A>

You are creating, in effect, an invisible link for our spider to locate and follow.

Do this for each page that is otherwise only linked from within code that our spider is unable to parse, and you will enable our crawler to create a successful index of your site.

Be sure, after making the above referenced modifications, to login to your account and request a spider for your changes to take affect.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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