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Frequently Asked Question #76
When a search is conducted, can I pass the value of session variables to FusionBot for redisplay on the search results page?
You can pass values unique to a specific user's session while on your site to your FusionBot Template for re-display on your search results page. Since this feature requires the use of our custom template feature, this option is only available via our Silver & Gold Packages.

For example, while a visitor is at your site, you may display the total number of items currently in their shopping cart, the total dollar value of the items in their shopping cart, or any other value unique to their current session, and when a search is conducted, you may also want to be able to display these same values as part of their search results page.

Since the search results are hosted on a different server than where the values of your variables are stored (your server) these values must be passed to FusionBot as hidden fields in your FusionBot HTML Form code. FusionBot will then extract the values passed and redisplay them on your search results wherever you have placed their corresponding identifier tags within your template.

The hidden fields for each value you pass to FusionBot via your FORM code must begin with LGK_, and not be one of the FusionBot reserved template object names, such as LGK_RESULTS, LGK_MATCHED, etc.

Using the variables described above for the quantity and value of your current visitor's shopping cart, you would create two hidden fields as part of your FORM code, and set the value of these hidden fields equal to the value of the number of items in your visitor's shopping cart and the total dollar value of these items, as such:

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="LGK_PRICE" VALUE="29.95">

Since you have named your hidden fields LGK_QUANTITY and LGK_PRICE, you must then place within your template, in the location where you would like to re-display the passed values, the corresponding custom template object tags:


Specifically, place $LGK_QUANTITY anywhere in your template you wish to display the value (2) of the hidden field passed for LGK_QUANTITY, and likewise, place anywhere within your template $LGK_PRICE wherever you would like to display the value (29.95) passed for LGK_PRICE.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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