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Frequently Asked Question #77
Can I modify the default "Documents Matched" message displayed for my search results page?
The default message on your FusionBot search results for displaying the documents matched count and length of time to complete the search is as follows:

This message is represented by the $LGK_MATCHED FusionBot Object Tag.

Silver and Gold customers, who have access to the FusionBot Search Templates Feature, and wish to create a custom message using the matched pages and elapsed query time values, can do so by replacing the $LGK_MATCHED Object Tag, with the following individual object tags:

$LGK_MATCH_CNT - The value of the number of documents matched (19 in sample above)
$LGK_MATCH_TIME - The time in seconds taken to retrieve results (0.02 in sample above)

As a result, the standard message returned by FusionBot could be represented in 1 of 2 ways within the search template:


- OR -

Matched <b>$LGK_MATCH_CNT</b> pages in <b>$LGK_MATCH_TIME</b> seconds

Or, as the purpose of this feature implies, provide for the ability to design your own custom message:

Your Search for <b>$LGK_KEYS</b> Resulted in <b>$LGK_MATCH_CNT<b> hits, taking <b>$LGK_MATCH_TIME<b> seconds

Lastly, taking advantage of the template IF / END IF logic, you can get very creative, such as the following:

    Your Search for <b>$LGK_KEYS<b>
Resulted in <b>$LGK_MATCH_CNT<b> hits, taking <b>$LGK_MATCH_TIME<b> seconds

Content contained between the IF and ENDIF blocks are only printed when the value of the object tag in which the IF / ENDIF clause represents is NOT 0, or NOT NULL.

Two additional object tags are available for further customizing your "matched" message, if desired: $LGK_MATCH_LOWER and $LGK_MATCH_UPPER.

These tags allow you to print a block of text informing the visitor of the upper and lower boundaries being displayed for their current results:

Viewing 11 through 20 of 31 results.

As represented by:

  Viewing <b>$LGK_MATCH_LOWER</b> through <b>$LGK_MATCH_UPPER</b>
  of <b>$LGK_MATCH_CNT</b> results.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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