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Frequently Asked Question #81
Can I create more than one search partition (search box) for my FusionBot account?
FusionBot provides the ability to configure multiple search boxes for your account, and define, during this configuration process, which areas of content should be made searchable for each of the search boxes you build. Then, when placing the FusionBot supplied HTML code for displaying the search box on your site, if you have multiple search boxes defined, you can then select which search box you wish to utilize, and the appropriate HTML will be supplied.

Placing different search box HTML within various sections of your site will enable you to automatically restrict the scope of searchable content in your index based on who has access to the search box displayed and the scope of content that the inserted search box HTML has been built to search against.

This functionality is a natural extension of our Search Regions / Partitions feature, it simply enables the ability to define multiple and distinct Search Regions / Partitions for your subscription. Before reading further, please click here for a basic understanding of how to configure a custom search region / partition.

Configuring multiple, distinct, partitions is as simple as adding multiple partition "zones" in your regions setup form. Where zones / distinct regions are defined by wrapping them in their own XML-like tag.

Most importantly, when designing multiple partitions, your default partition MUST NOT have a label / MUST NOT be surrounded by an XML-like tag AND MUST BE the first partition configured in your form.

Following is an example of an account with 3 distinct partitions configured, each partition having the searchable content restricted to various sections of the index.

The first (default) partition, as specified by the fact that it is NOT contained within an XML labeled wrapper and is first, creates a search box with a drop down menu which enables the visitor to select whether their search should be submitted against ALL pages in the domain, or against only those pages in the /pdf/ directory, or only against those pages in the /press/ directory.

Also, noteworthy is the fact that the search against the 'Entire Site' does NOT allow for any search results to be returned where the pages are contained within the '/reseller/' directory. This is likely a password protected directory that FusionBot has been instructed to crawl, however, this search box is likely being placed on their public website, and as such, a visitor who has not logged into their site should not be able to search this content.

The second partition, labeled partners is likely a search box that has been placed somewhere within a password protected section of the site since it does not restrict / prevent for the ability to search against the '/reseller/' directory. Also, since there is only 1 label defined, no drop down selection box is presented, and ALL content within the domain will be searched by default.

The third partition, labeled support, will also NOT present a drop down menu option to the visitor, since ALL of the region labels contain the same name, i.e. only 1 label has been defined. The search partition feature is a nice way to automatically define / restrict the scope of the searchable content, without necessarily having to present a selectable option to your visitors.

This is also likely a search box that will be displayed in a publicly accessible location on the site as it does not allow for search results within the '/reseller/' directory to be included. However, it also allows for the contents of the search results to include BOTH the content indexed from the domain AND the content indexed from the domain. This is the only partition that has been configured to allow search results from the domain.

After saving your Search Partition form settings with multiple partitions defined, when selecting your HTML code for inserting in various locations throughout your site, you will first be presented with a drop down selection option containing the names of the various partitions you have defined. In this example, the menu will contain 3 options, as follows:

Select the appropriate partition for which you wish to retrieve the search box code and paste this code into the location on your site from where you wish to provide the defined search capability.

FusionBot provides for the ability to create up to 50 custom search partitions / account.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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