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Frequently Asked Question #88
Can I modify the default formatting and text used on the FusionBot generated 'search tips' page?
Silver & Gold customers can modify the default 'search tips' page, in order to use their own custom formatting and terminology. To begin editing the default 'search tips' page, login to your account, click on the 'customization' tab, and select the 'template' link.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and next to the 'Help / Search Tips Template' field, click the 'Create' link. This will pre-populate your custom search tips template with the default syntax used by FusionBot, which you can then use to begin modifying. The help template that you can create / modify should be thought of as a sub-template of your existing search results template(s), the contents of which get inserted into your search template, in place of actual search results, when the 'search tips' link is selected by your visitors.

As such, the 'search tips' template cannot stand alone, and should not include any FusionBot Object Tags, rather, as mentioned above, by looking at your actual search results template, the contents of your 'search tips' template will simply be inserted into the same section of your search results template where the actual search results typically appear, when the 'search tips' link is clicked.

Once the 'search tips' template is pre-populated, simply modify the HTML included to use your own text and formatting options, and after clicking the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page, your new 'search tips' page will be published and accessible.

To revert back to the standard 'search tips' page generated by FusionBot, simply click the 'Delete' link next to the 'Help / Search Tips Template' field.

In addition, for customers who have multiple search templates, and wish to associate a different 'search tips / help' page with each template, you can do so all within your single help template. By default, the custom HTML inserted into your 'help template' will be used for all of your search tips pages, regardless of which search results template is being used. However, if you wish to override this setting, you can add additional HTML to your help template that should only by used for the 'search tips' page generated when a specific search results template is used. For example, if you have a second search results template labeled 'bak', you can modify your help template to include custom HTML that should only be used for the search tips page when the 'bak' template is used, by wrapping the HTML code for the 'bak' template in XML-like tags as follows:


For each results template where you wish to use HTML for the 'search tips' page, different than the default HTML not wrapped between XML-like tags within your help template, place this HTML between the <hlp="XXX"></hlp> tags, where XXX is equal to the 3-letter extension of the corresponding search results template with which you wish to associate the custom search tips HTML.

Therefore, when entering multiple 'search tips' HTML sections within your help template, the only HTML that should NOT be wrapped between the custom <hlp="XXX"></hlp> tags, is the default search tips HTML that should be used / associated with any search templates that do not have custom HTML associated with them, by virtue of the <hlp="XXX"></hlp> tags.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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