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Frequently Asked Question #90
Can I use the search regions / partitions feature to include the search results from a separate FusionBot subscription into my current account?
Yes, it is possible to include the search results from a separate FusionBot subscription into the search output of another FusionBot account, by using our Search Regions configuration form. To familiarize yourself with how to build a custom search region (partition) within FusionBot, please reference the following FAQ.

Integrating multiple FusionBot accounts enables you to maintain separate indexes, whereby you can choose to have alternate refresh frequencies for various sites. For example, when building a mini-portal, one subscription can be set to a weekly refresh rate, while another, to daily. Then, depending on which subscription you add your mini-portal entries into, will control how often a site is re-crawled. For customers with very large indexes, this also enables a parallel path for indexing, whereby multiple sites can be crawled at once, rather than in a linear fashion with a single subscription. This also extends the scalability of FusionBot turnkey packages, by being able to combine multiple indexes into a single search output. Since you can control all formatting of your search results output from a "master" account, additional subscriptions can serve simply as indexing agents for additional content to be integrated into your master account.

Conversely, you may wish to implement multiple / distinct subscriptions for a number of different sites with distinct content, while at the same time, for each of these subscriptions, you may wish to include a common collection of indexed / crawled sites. In this scenario, under a standard implementation, you would be required to add this common collection of URLs to every distinct subscription you maintain with FusionBot, causing a significant amount of overlap / duplication in crawling efforts. For example, for each site you subscribe, if you wish to offer a mini-portal around the same collection of sites, rather than building the same mini-portal and recrawling this content for every subscription, one additional FusionBot account can be setup that maintains the mini-portal content exclusively, and each of your individual FusionBot implementations can simply integrate the search results from your separate mini-portal index, a much more efficient approach.

To integrate multiple indexes into a single search collection, you must be the owner (subscriber) of ALL indexes you wish to integrate and each package must be at the Bronze level or higher.

The basic syntax for specifying a Directory Path in your search regions form in order to integrate search results from a separate FusionBot account is as follows:


Where SITENBR is equal to the FusionBot Account Number assigned to the package you wish to integrate. This Account Number can be acquired by logging into the FusionBot account, and selecting the 'Account Info' tab.

The KEYCODE value can be retrieved as well, after logging into the account you wish to integrate, and clicking on the 'User Info' tab. Keycode is a unique four character alphanumeric value assigned to each account and used to keep your search activity reports secure. Since the keycode value is only accessible / visible to an individual who has access to a specific FusionBot account, the combination of Account ID and Keycode ensures that only those authorized to integrate the results from one index to another can do so.

In addition to the basic syntax described above for integrating a separate FusionBot subscription into your search results, there are a couple of advanced configuration options as well, denoted by the following syntax:


The two additional flags are useful when / if you have built a search region within the account you wish to integrate, and you wish to restrict the search to just one specific OPTION within your REGION. For example, if you have built a search region that offers visitors the ability to search, for example, Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, or your Entire Site. Each one of these entries represents an OPTION value that you can limit your search to when building a region entry. Therefore, when integrating the results from a subscription with an ACCOUNT ID of 123456, a KEYCODE of a2b3, and where you have built a single default search region with the four option values described above, while restricting the results you integrate to just the 'Section 3' option, your region entry would appear as follows:


The OPTION value is set to 2, as your region options start from 0, i.e. 'Section 1' = 0, 'Section 2' = 1, 'Section 3' = 2, 'Entire Site' = 3.

The REGION flag, in most cases will be Default, unless you have built multiple search partitions for the account you wish to integrate. The following FAQ describes in detail how to create multiple search regions for a single account. Using this FAQ as an example, the 3rd custom region created was assigned a REGION name of support, and since there is only one region OPTION, labeled Public Site, the OPTION value would be 0, and using the same information as demonstrated previously, your region entry would appear as follows:


Finally, if no REGION or OPTION value is assigned for your entry, the assumptions are REGION = Default, and OPTION = 0, i.e.:

FB_123456_a2b3 functions the same as FB_123456_a2b3_Default_0

When needing to specify a REGION or OPTION value, you MUST specify both values, as only specifying one or the other will cause an error.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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