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Frequently Asked Question #99
Can I create search partitions within my search box when my pages are not definable by directory structure?
To familiarize yourself with FusionBot's search partition feature, enabling you to build a custom search box which restricts the scope of your visitor's search results based on categories you define, please reference the following FAQ.

If your site's content is not uniquely defined by directory structure, as referenced in the FAQ linked to above, you can place a custom FusionBot META tag within specific pages on your site, in order to assign a category or categories to each page.

After inserting your META tags and re-crawling your site, when setting up your search regions/partitions form, you can now assign from where a particular region should return results, either by URL/Directory (the default method), or by category name assigned to a page via the custom META tag. In this manner, your search regions form can contain a hybrid / mix, if desired, of defining how content should be searched, either by URL / directory structure and/or by category assigned using FusionBot's custom META tag.

The META tag syntax for each page you wish to assign a category is as follows:

<META NAME="fb_region" CONTENT="|faqs|">

OR, for assigning multiple categories to a single page:

<META NAME="fb_region" CONTENT="|faqs|success|">

As can be seen, you can either assign a page to a single category, as in the first example, or multiple categories, as in the second example. The syntax is very important, and each category MUST be delimited by a pipe (|), even if only a single category is assigned, AND the category name assigned must NOT contain any spaces, and must NOT be an integer, i.e. it MUST be alphanumeric.

Therefore, if you've assigned categories to some pages using META tags, when populating your search regions entry form, you would setup a region that would appear similar to the following:

"FAQs" faqs
"Success Stories" success

The example above sets up a search box that uses partitions defined BOTH as content within a directory:


AND content categorized via the custom META tag:

"FAQs" faqs

When setting up your search regions form, you can setup your search partitions using a single method, either by directory structure or by categories assigned using the custom META tag, OR by using a mix of both techniques, depending on how your site is configured. The primary purpose for using the META tag approach is for instances where your site's content is not defined exclusively by directory structure, and therefore, using META tags allows you to define what category/categories a page belongs, enabling the use of FusionBot's search regions feature.

Finally, if you have specified content that should be included in your index using FusionBot's mini-portal feature, and would like to assign categories to these sites (pages) using a similar approach as referenced above, please reference the REGION variable option used as part of your mini-portal entries.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the form provided.

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