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Frequently Asked Questions

To find an answer to a specific question or problem, you can search our FAQ archives by utilizing the search box above and choosing "FAQs Only" or you can read the specific FAQ pages below.

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  1. Can I test what the impact a re-crawl will be on my search results, prior to making the results of this re-crawl active?

  2. Can I define a particular search results template to be used depending on the search category selected within my search box?

  3. Can I create a single search box, that, depending on which menu option is selected, will provide search results from non-FusionBot related database resources / indexes?

  4. Can I allow my visitors to preview matching pages directly within the FusionBot generated search results page?

  5. I want to assist other spiders in locating the pages on my site by pointing them to my FusionBot generated sitemap. As such, is there a way to make the FusionBot sitemap link appear to be a static link?

  6. Can I limit the length of the URLs FusionBot displays for each matching result?

  7. Can FusionBot provide an RSS formatted feed of my search index?

  8. Can I use FusionBot for search & navigation on my eCommerce site?

  9. When I view my search activity reports, why does a different number of hits / matches display for the same exact keyword searched?

  10. Can I cluster my search results into specific groups or categories?

Page 11 of 13 FAQ Pages:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   <<Back   Next>>  

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