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FusionBot XML Feed Documentation
XML Tags XML Attributes Description
1. Query   Query tag holds general attributes of the search performed as described below. Helps to assist in rebuilding the search page.
  Keys Search terms submitted by user. Used to re-populate search box and next buttons for carrying the same search forward.
  Matched Number of matching pages in your index.
  Rollup Number of matching pages including those that have been rolled-up. This attribute is only present when the results rollup feature has been enabled.
  Time Total length of time elapsed to perform query.
  Pos Current search results page position. If Matched attribute described above equals 29, and Results_Per_Page attribute described below equals 10, pos = 2 would mean results 11 - 20 are being returned.

Default / initial Pos equals 1.
  Pages_On_Site Total page count in your index, including those pages within your mini-portal.
  Results_Per_Page For each XML feed returned, the maximum number of results being passed.
  Result_Pages Total number of search result pages (depending on the value of Matched AND Results_Per_Page) pertaining to the specific query conducted. Helps to determine the number of Next and Previous buttons to place on your search results page.
  DYM When the Spell-Check feature is enabled for your account, DYM indicates that FusionBot has detected a possible spelling error, and is therefore suggesting (Did You Mean?) an alternate search term. Use the value of DYM to display a link to a query with the suggested / corrected term(s).
  origKey When the Spell-Check Auto-Search feature is enabled, and no results were returned for the original search term, but a potential spelling error is detected, FusionBot auto-submits the corrected term, making the Keys attribute the corrected term. In this case, the original search term submitted by your visitor is passed via the origKey attribute, in order to enable you to generate a message to the user that a spelling error was detected for: origKey, and that the search was submitted for: Keys, the corrected term.
1.1 Result   Result tag holds specific attributes of the particular "Hit" contained as sub-nodes of this tag.
  ID Line number for each search result listing.
  Rank Percent likelihood / confidence of match being relevant to search performed.

To also display the Rank as a graphical representation, you may evaluate this value and call the standard images used by FusionBot:, where Rank equals 100
..., where Rank less than 10.
  Len Size, in bytes, of matching document.
  Lmd Date indexed page was last modified.
1.1.1 Title No Attributes Typically displayed as the clickable link on your search results for each page. This is the text extracted from the <TITLE> tag on your page when your site was last indexed.
1.1.2 Desc No Attributes Typically displayed below the Title attribute on your search results for a greater description of the content on the matching page. This is the text extracted from the <META Description> tag, when present, on your page when your site was last indexed.
1.1.3 Text No Attributes Typically displayed below the Desc attribute on your search results, displaying the excerpt from within the matching document where the actual keyword "match" was found.
1.1.4 URL No Attributes The actual URL of the matching page. Typically, this URL is used when creating the <A HREF> tag for linking the clickable Title to the matching page.
1.1.5 Cache No Attributes The URL for linking to a cached copy of matching document, hosted by FusionBot, with user's search terms highlighted within document.
1.1.6 Thumbnail No Attributes Thumbnail tag serves as a tag containing sub-nodes of the thumbnail image assigned to each page, when implemented. Image No Attributes URL where the thumbnail image to display is located. Width No Attributes Width value assigned to the thumbnail. Height No Attributes Height value assigned the thumbnail. Url No Attributes Click-through URL assigned to the thumbnail. Target No Attributes HREF target value assigned to the thumbnail.
1.2 Synonym No Attributes Synonym tag serves as a tag containing a sub-list (see SYN below) of matching keyword synonym groups.
1.2.1 Syn No Attributes Each matching synonym group will appear within a separate <syn> tag, with those keywords and corresponding synonyms that resulted in a matching search result. This tag allows you to display a message to your visitors that their search results may not contain the exact search terms submitted, but rather, results may also be returned as a result of a synonym match as defined via the synonyms list within your FusionBot account.
1.3 Ignore No Attributes Comma delimited list of search terms ignored as a result of their presence in the stopwords list configured within your FusionBot account. Allows you to display to your visitors a message that the query engine has ignored some of their search terms.

For information on creating the XML call to FusionBot, please Click Here.

To view a sample of actual XML output, please Click Here.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please return to the Support Page and fill out the
form provided.

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