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FusionBot Features - Indexing / Crawler Controls

  • e-Commerce Compliant - FusionBot provides the ability to track and manage unique visitor sessions between your site and the FusionBot search results. More >>

  • Spider Progress Viewer - View in real-time the progress of the FusionBot spider as it crawls your site.

  • Cancel Spider Request - Cancel a currently running spider to modify / make changes to your crawl settings.

  • Scheduled Re-Indexing - Daily, Weekly, and Monthly auto-refresh rates available depending on package.

  • Index On Demand - Ability to login and request an immediate re-crawl of your site.

  • Remote Recrawl Requests - Initiate scheduled or Index-on-Demand recrawls of your site remotely, without logging into your account.

  • Set Crawling Speed - Control the length of time between page requests used when FusionBot crawls your site.

  • Build a Staging Index - Test the accuracy of a re-crawl request prior to releasing your new index into production.

  • Restore Previous Index - If the latest index attempt has failed for any reason, the previous index can be restored immediately through the click of a button.

  • SSL Indexing Support - Index content on your site behind HTTPS protocol.

  • Password Protected Content - Index content password protected using HTTP Basic Authentication.

  • Form Based Authentication - Index content protected behind FORM based user registration / log-in pages.

  • Index Multiple File Formats - In addition to all HTML based files, whether static or dynamic (database driven), FusionBot will also index .PDF, .TXT, .RTF, Microsoft .DOC, .XLS, & .PPT files, and follow links within Shockwave / Flash files. FusionBot also provides robust support for successfully crawling sites heavily designed using client side scripting such as JavaScript & VBScript.

  • Multiple Domain Indexing - Specify additional URLs to crawl for creating a search engine / mini-portal around multiple domains. More >>

  • Robots.txt Support - Supports industry standard implementation of Robots.txt file for excluding files and directories

  • Custom Exclusion Form - As an alternative to the Robots.txt file. Specify pages and/or directories to skip from within your FusionBot Account.

  • META Exclusion Support - Specify at the page level whether a file should be indexed and/or its links should be followed.

  • Meta Tag & Alt Tag Indexing - Choose to disable indexing of META Tag and ALT Tag content for entire site or specific pages only.

  • Directory, Server, or Domain Level Indexing - Control how the FusionBot crawler handles links to content throughout your site. More >>

  • Enable Cookies Support - Instruct FusionBot to accept cookies when crawling your site for maintaining session IDs. More >>
 Featured Customers:
  • Covenant Health Products
  • HMAC Systems
  • Recycle Away
  • American Electric Power
  • Everywherechair
  • Fleet Safety Equipment, Inc.
  • HandsOnTools
  • Marshas Clothing
  • MerckSerono
  • R-JetTek Inkjet Technology Solutions
  • Madison Gas and Electric
  • Phoenix Manufacturing
  • BMI Karts & Parts
  • Battery Clerk
  • Capital Tractor
  • Backyardpoolsuperstore
  • BBQ Island Outdoor Products
  • CBM
  • DCU - Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Coilcrat
  • LinesToGo

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