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Adobe GoLive Extension Download Center

Now with Adobe GoLive integration, implementing a search solution for intuitive navigation on your site is as simple as drag, drop and search!

With the Adobe GoLive extension, you can:
  • Create a FusionBot FREE account;
  • Customize the look and feel of your Search Result pages;
  • Insert the FusionBot Search Box into your HTML pages

    Version 3.0.1 released!
    Enhancements Include:
    • Real-time access to all FusionBot service updates. Now when you wish to maintain your FusionBot account, you will be logged directly into your online FusionBot account, providing you access to all of the service upgrades and enhancements;
    • Improved recognition of existing FusionBot search forms. When inserting the FusionBot Search Box code into your HTML, the extension can recognize if previous code exists, and replace it if you choose;
    • Improved navigation through the extension. Clearly labeled buttons allow for quick and intuitive navigation through the extension;

    Don't have a FusionBot account yet? Either sign up now, or subscribe from within GoLive after downloading and installing the FusionBot extension.

    Select the appropriate compressed file for your platform:

    Download For Windows:
    Size: 29K

    Download For Macintosh:
    Filename: FusionBot3.0.1.sit
    Size: 29K

    Requirements: GoLive 4 or higher

    After downloading, please refer to the ReadMe.html file for installation instructions.

    To use the Extension either select 'Insert FusionBot Search...' from the Extensions Menu, or
    select the icon located on the Objects Palette, and drag and drop the icon to the location
    on the page where you wish to insert the search box.

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    • Battery Clerk
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    • BBQ Island Outdoor Products
    • CBM
    • DCU - Digital Federal Credit Union
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