FusionBot Extension v.3.0.1 for Adobe GoLive

What does the FusionBot Extension v.3.0.1 for Adobe GoLive do?

The FusionBot Extension v.3.0.1 makes implementing a search solution for intuitive navigation on your site as simple as drag, drop and search!

What's new in this version?

  1. Redesigned Navigation;
  2. New functionality:
    • version control;
    • upgrade information;
    • FusionBot services information;
  3. Enhanced integration with FusionBot.com website;
  4. Corrected Mac bug fixes;

How do I install the FusionBot Extension v.3.0.1 for Adobe GoLive?

  1. Install Adobe GoLive 5 or GoLive 6 for Macintosh or Windows.
  2. Download and install the newest version of the Adobe Extend Script module for free from http://partners.adobe.com/asn/developer/gapsdk/GoLiveSDK.html.
  3. Enable the Extend Script Module under the Edit>Preferences... menu.
  4. Copy the entire "FusionBot" directory into the Adobe GoLive:Modules:Extend Scripts folder.
  5. Quit and relaunch GoLive.
  6. To temporarily uninstall the FusionBot Extension v.3.0.1 rename the FusionBot folder with a tilde character (~)as the first character and quit and restart GoLive. Extension modules whose name begin with this character will not be loaded.

How do I use the FusionBot Extension for Adobe GoLive?

After installing the FusionBot Extension, open any web page on which you wish to include the search box. Select the FusionBot object from the Objects palette and drag and drop it into your page. The Extension will start and you will be presented with a list of options: