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FusionBot PLATINUM Package

Got a Portal? Let us build you a custom vertical search solution to help drive targeted / consistent traffic to your site!

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  free bronze silver gold platinum
Pages Indexed 250 500 1,500 5,000 25,000+
Auto-Index Frequency Up to Monthly Up to Weekly Up to
Up to
Index on Demand 1/month 4/month 8/month Unlimited Unlimited
Reporting Basic Extensive Extensive Extensive Extensive
Ads on Results Page Controlled by FusionBot None None None None
Customize Results Page Basic Extensive Extensive Plus (Templates) Extensive Plus (Templates) Extensive Plus (Templates)
Sitemap Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Tech. Support email email email phone phone
FusionBot logo on results Yes Yes, Remove For Fee. Yes, Remove For Fee. No No
User Generated SEO No No Yes Yes Yes
Search as you Type No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transparent DNS No No
Add For Fee
Add For Fee
Yes Yes
Mini-Portal No 25 Sites 100 Sites 500 Sites Unlimited
Integrated Web Search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Index PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & RTF Documents No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Follow Shockwave/Flash Links Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Index Password Protected Content No Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSL Indexing Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Page Weighting No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Search Regions/Partitions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Context Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Matches Redirect No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search to Nearest Anchor Tag Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Word Stemming No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Synonyms No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stop Words No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spell Check No Yes,
Any Language
Any Language
Any Language
Any Language
Highlight Keywords within Matching Page on Your Site No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Matching Documents Preview Link
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Results Rollup No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Results Grouping / Clustering No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Fee FREE $20.00 $60.00 $200.00 Starting at $350.00

More about the FusionBot PLATINUM Package:
Power your Vortal with the Web's most powerful vertical search solution!

The days of large scale portals trying to be all things to all people are gone. The face of the Web continues to change and diversify on a daily basis.

To meet the needs of individual segments of consumers on the Web, traditional portals are being replaced with topic-specific sites, or vortals, such as yours. These sites typically contain a wealth of information pertinent to their particular targeted segment's interest. Successful vortals are well positioned as 'THE' source of pertinent information on the Web for their 'community of interest'.

While sites have changed to meet the demands of particular segments, search has remained stagnant, trying to be all things to all people.

This horizontal approach to search causes individuals looking for specific information on the Web to wade through hundreds, if not thousands, of irrelevant information to finally locate the information they seek, provided they find it at all.

When considering a search solution for a vertically oriented site, traditional search has been the only option. That is until NOW!

Enter the FusionBot Custom Vertical Search Solution - Platinum Package!

Working with our customer, we can cost effectively build high volume vertical search solutions to meet the needs of your particular market segment.

The end result is a topic-specific search engine that delivers rapid, relevant search results. Searches are inherently relevant to the theme of the site itself. Never again will your visitors have to sift through thousands of irrelevant links to find the information they were actually looking for.

Simply put, a vertical search solution helps end-users by making it easier for them to perform more productive searches.

Your site benefits from increased user stickiness through improved organization and presentation of content, as well as the ability to generate additional revenue from high-value advertising. Visitors know to depend on, and visit, your site when they wish to find detailed information pertinent to their interests.

How Does it Work?

Based on your criteria, we employ our cutting edge content categorization engine to automatically visit web sites and classify their content. Those sites that meet your criteria are then sent thorough an additional human factoring process, enabling us to deliver large scale search engines catered to a specific market segment. These engines can encompass millions of pages of highly relevant, searchable content. Just what your visitors are looking for!

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Click to view samples of our vertical search engine implementation, and see how our technology can help drive targeted, consistent traffic to your site. Traffic with staying power!

Download our printable PDF brochure

 Featured Customers:
  • Covenant Health Products
  • HMAC Systems
  • Recycle Away
  • American Electric Power
  • Everywherechair
  • Fleet Safety Equipment, Inc.
  • HandsOnTools
  • Marshas Clothing
  • MerckSerono
  • R-JetTek Inkjet Technology Solutions
  • Madison Gas and Electric
  • Phoenix Manufacturing
  • BMI Karts & Parts
  • Battery Clerk
  • Capital Tractor
  • Backyardpoolsuperstore
  • BBQ Island Outdoor Products
  • CBM
  • DCU - Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Coilcrat
  • LinesToGo

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