The Starting Page section of the form should contain no other information other than the actual page name of the default, or first page of your site. The URL and any sub-directories where your start page is located should be entered in the Domain Path section of the form. The Starting Page serves as the point of entry page into your site.

There are times when the initial page of your site may be used to detect certain browser characteristics of your visitors, and you may not want for the page to be the default or start page used by FusionBot. In addition, the Starting Page name is used on the search results and sitemap pages as a hyperlink to your site's home. Whatever page you enter as the Starting Page will be used as the active hyperlink to your homepage.

Be careful when entering the name of your page, as a page name that is typed incorrectly will cause broken links on your FusionBot generated pages.

In most cases, by entering nothing (leaving the '/' alone), the default page for your site will be automatically loaded. For example, in most cases leaving the '/' by itself will return the same page as if you had entered 'index.htm' or 'default.html'.

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