The Domain Path of your web site should include the entire URL (Domain Name) and directory in which the starting page of your site exists. The Domain Path should not include the actual starting page of your site.

If your site starts within a sub-directory of a high-level URL (i.e., be sure to include the sub-directory within the Domain Path as well (i.e.

By specifying a domain path which includes a sub-directory, FusionBot can be implemented for Departments within a company, or sections within a site, by only building your index around a particular portion of the entire site.

For example, a university may have a common point of entry into their site, however, you may wish to implement FusionBot only for the Business Department. By including a sub-directory or directories in the Domain Path you can chose where our spider should begin building its index. The spider will only following links which are contained within the sub-directory, thus only capturing content within your particular section of the site. For example, a school's marketing department would enter as their Domain Path to implement FusionBot for their department exclusively.

Following are a few examples:

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