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FusionBot enables your search box to serve as a automated feedback mechanism!

A valuable benefit gained by offering a site search and sitemap solution on your site is the resultant log files created and the valuable insight you can gain by analyzing them through our comprehensive graphical reporting interface.

Site search reports will enable you to better understand what your visitors are looking for when visiting your site, what they can and cannot find, what the most popular search terms are, and how often they rely on the search box provided.

Through careful analysis of real-time graphical reports provided by FusionBot, webmasters can design their site's content to better meet the needs of their visitors. The end result is a more productive user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

Basic Site Search Reporting Includes:
[Site Search Bullet] Summary Report  - Monitor visitor activity and keywords searched during a specified
period of time.
[Site Search Bullet] Hourly Traffic Report - Graphical representation of query volume by hour of the day.
[Site Search Bullet] Index Log Report - Status of each page our spider attempted to access for inclusion in
your index, as well as identifying changes (additions/deletions) between crawls.
[Site Search Bullet] IP Address Filters - Option to generate search reports for specific IP addresses only, omit specific IP addresses from your reports, or include all IP addresses.
[Site Search Bullet] Reports Formatting - Option to generate search reports as HTML or ASCII text for view within your browser, or download reports directly to your computer.
[Site Search Bullet] Weekly Search Activity Emails - Receive email summarizing previous week's activity.
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Extensive Site Search Reporting Includes

(Basic Option Plus the following):
[Site Search Bullet] Directory Page Count - Total number of pages located within each directory of your index
[Site Search Bullet]

User Behavior - Track user's search and click activity to better understand their behavior and resultant search productivity.
[Site Search Bullet] Recent Searches - Returns the 20 most recently searched for terms
[Site Search Bullet] Frequent Visitors Report - Highest volume users for a specified period of time
[Site Search Bullet] Keywords Report - Most popular search terms and number of searches for a specified period
[Site Search Bullet] Daily Traffic Report - Graphical representation of query volume by day for a specified period
[Site Search Bullet] Click-Through Report - Displays which pages in your search results are clicked most often. After generating this report, sub-report links are available for each click-through listed, which will display the total click count for this page, by unique visitor (IP address), and/or total click count by unique search term conducted (i.e. What search term(s) did your visitors use when they clicked through to this page?)
[Site Search Bullet] Search Hits Report - Displays daily unique search terms and their corresponding number of
hits, including those searches which yielded NO Results!
[Site Search Bullet] Region Report - Displays query volume by unqiue search box configured, and then by individual search menu item (search partition) within each search box. This report is especially valuable when multiple search boxes, which multiple menu selection items, have been configured. More >>
[Site Search Bullet] Raw Logs Report - Download search activity logs over an extended date range (180 days).
[Site Search Bullet] Embeddable Most Popular Pages Report - Dynamic list of the top 20 most popular pages visited based on click-through volume. More >>

Silver & Gold Additional Report:
[Site Search Bullet] Template Errors - Displays errors found in the formatting of your search results template.

Below is a sample of the Keywords Report:

[Site Search Keywords Report]

 Featured Customers:
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  • Madison Gas and Electric
  • Phoenix Manufacturing
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  • Battery Clerk
  • Capital Tractor
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  • BBQ Island Outdoor Products
  • CBM
  • DCU - Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Coilcrat
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