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What's New?
Check this page often to learn about the newest innovations implemented by the FusionBot Team, and to take full advantage of all the features your FusionBot subscription has to offer.

Feature / Enhancement Date Implemented
1. Dynamic Range Filters - eCommerce customers can provide a dynamic filter (such as for price or date), that the user can set to whatever range desired. 02/26/2014
2. Dynamic Product Finder Dropdown menus - Let FusionBot power your custom, dynamic product finder solution, such as Year/Make/Model product lookup. 10/1/2013
3. Dynamic Search - Let visitors see their complete search results as a dynamically updated list, as they type their keywords. 6/7/2013
4. Ajax Based Search Results - For Silver and above customers, keep your search results URL and traffic, 100% on site, by using our custom JavaScript Ajax libraries. 08/09/2012
5. Noindex: Exclusions Form Directive - Use your Exclusions Form or Robots.txt file to specify files and folders that should be referenced for links, but NOT included in your search results. 03/28/2012
6. $LGK_CANONICAL Tag - For customers that have their search results indexed, prevent indexing of duplicate result pages with different URLs but same content, by using the $LGK_CANONICAL tag in the <head> section of your results template. 12/28/2011
7. eCommerce Quick Search Functionality - Quick Search allows you to provide a preview of the 5 most relevant matches for your visitor's search terms, via a dynamic drop down menu that is generated, on the fly, just below the search box, as they type their keywords. 10/08/2011
8. Search Box Autocomplete - Provide your users with 'search as you type' functionality for auto-suggesting keywords based on terms/phrases in your index, sorted by term length and popularity. 04/02/2011
9. Document Type Index Log - Filter added to Index Log Report to generate a list of documents indexed by type / extension. 06/02/2010
10. Set Maximum Display Lengths - Bronze and above customers can set the maxium display length for the Title, Description, Excerpt, and URL fields. 10/07/2009
11. Google Analytics Integration - Silver and above customers can complement their FusionBot reporting statistics by including Google Analytics code in the results template(s). 09/02/2009
12. IP Blacklist - Prevent successful execution of queries from specific IP addresses and/or ranges. 11/10/2008
13. Follow us on Twitter! - Keep up with the latest enhancements, system messages, and notifications from FusionBot by adding us to your follow list. 10/02/2008
14. Additional Page Display Settings - Options to set maximum results depth, snippets, title match, and display URL formatting. 07/28/2008
15. Embeddable & Dynamic Most Popular Pages List - Embed into any page on your website a dynamic list of the most frequently clicked (popular) pages on your site. 07/07/2008
16. Search Results Favicon - Enable the display of your own custom FAVICON in the browser of your visitor's search results. 06/12/2008
17. Search Toolbar - Enable FireFox 2.0+ and IE7+ users to add your search engine to their browser's built-in search box / toolbar. 06/04/2008
18. Index Log Change Report - Index Log Report now tracks changes (addition / deletion of pages) between crawls, as well as the ability to specify the type of changes upon which the report should be generated. 06/03/2008
19. Highlight Promoted Results - Use the Page Relevance Form to not only promote results to the top of the list, but in addition, apply additional formatting in order to highlight / emphasize the match. For Silver and Gold customers, the formatting options are controlled via the template's '.featured' class. 05/19/2008
20. Remote IP Reporting - XML and onsite transparent DNS customers can pass the IP address of their visitors to FusionBot, via the 'ip=' querystring variable, enabling search activity reports to function optimally. 04/07/2008
21. User Behavior Report - Tracks search and click activity of users by IP address. 11/27/2007
22. Template Errors Report - Displays errors found in the formatting of your search results template. 05/30/2007
23. SITEMAPS XML Protocol Support - Paid level customers can have FusionBot generate an XML-based sitemaps file for submission to major search engines, in order to improve site indexing. 03/16/2007
24. Results Grouping / Clusters - Group (cluster) results into assigned categories. 01/11/2007
25. Data-Extraction Based Indexing - Efficient indexing for dynamic database-driven commerce and catalog based sites. 10/16/2006
26. RSS 2.0 Formatted Output 10/16/2006
27. Set Maxiumum Display Length for URLs 10/16/2006
28. Disable default behavior for FusionBot to automatically search for keywords within a page's TITLE, Meta Description, and/or BODY tag. 06/12/2006
29. Region Report. Displays query volume by unqiue search box configured, and then by individual search menu item (search partition) within each search box. 01/27/2006
30. Matching Documents Preview Link - Enable visitors to preview matching documents directly within their search results page (sneak-a-peek). 01/27/2006
31. Create a single search box, that, depending on which menu option is selected, will provide search results from non-FusionBot related database resources / indexes. 07/19/2005
32. Assign alternate search templates to specific search categories within your search box. 04/20/2005
33. Import / Export your Page Relevance Weightings. This option enables archiving (download), as well as creation, addition, modification, or deletion (upload) of your entries offline, using your preferred text editor. Customers with large lists will find this feature useful. 04/07/2005
34. Build a Staging Index - Test the accuracy of a re-crawl request before releasing your new index into production. 02/11/2005
35. Remote Re-crawl Requests - Initiate scheduled or Index-on-Demand re-crawls of your site remotely, without logging into your account. 02/08/2005
36. Disable default behavior for FusionBot to automatically search for keywords within your URLs. 01/24/2005
37. Keywords Synonym List - Creation of a synonyms list enables you to specify certain words that should all be treated as synonyms, allowing your visitors to find content regardless of the specific search term they choose. 01/12/2005
38. FusionBot's search syntax now fully supports the use of boolean 'OR' searches, providing, for example, the ability to find content on a page that has either: site OR search. To specify an OR condition, the boolean indicator entered in the search box MUST be in all uppercase, OR. Additionally, the default search behavior by FusionBot is to only return pages where EVERY keyword a user enters exists on a page. You can alter this default behavior so that FusionBot will also return matching pages that have ANY of the keywords searched. 01/12/2005
39. Define search regions (partitions) via a custom FusionBot META tag - For sites that don't have content definable via directory structure, you too can now build a custom search box, or boxes, enabling your visitors to limit the scope of the search results to specific "categories" of content you define. 12/15/2004
40. Display Thumbnail Images - Insert product thumbnails / images for display as part of each matching page's result. 12/15/2004
41. FusionBot will now crawl Microsoft PowerPoint and Rich Text Format documents. 11/09/2004
42. Customize the formatting and terminology used on the 'search tips' page. 08/30/2004
43. Search Results Rollup - If you have a large number of sites listed in your mini-portal, you can choose to "rollup" the search results, so that only the first match for each distinct domain in your index is returned, followed by a link for "more results from this domain". In this manner, a site with a large number of pages won't overwhelm your visitor's search results, causing them to potentially miss important information from smaller sites. 06/14/2004
44. Sitemap Display Settings - You can now select from multiple display options for your sitemap appearance, including settings for layout and display depth. 03/16/2004
45. Click-Through Tracking Sub-Report - Once the Click-Through Report has been generated, displaying which pages are clicked most often within your search results, two sub-reports are available providing detail, for each click-through listed. These sub-reports enable you to view the total number of clicks for each page by unique visitor (IP address), or total click count for each page by unique search term conducted (i.e. What search term(s) did your visitors use when they clicked through to this page?) 03/04/2004
46. Highlighting of Search Terms within Cached Copy of Your Pages. 12/12/2003
47. Assign a Last Modified Date to your dynamic pages. 12/10/2003
48. Spell Check / Did You Mean Feature - Enable FusionBot to check the spelling of your visitor's search terms, and suggest / provide corrections. 11/21/2003
49. Integrate search results between multiple FusionBot packages. 11/07/2003
50. Multiple Search Hit Target Values - Utilizing their custom search templates, Silver & Gold customers can define multiple search hit targets to control what window a search result should display in, on a URL-by-URL basis. 10/24/2003
51. Directory Page Count Report - Curious how many pages FusionBot has found within each of the directories and sub-directories of your site or sites? The Directory Page Count report, available to Bronze and higher customers, provides a quick snapshot of page counts by directory. This can help you to refine the directories which should or should not be crawled, as well as determine whether or not visitors may benefit from the configuration of a search partition, to allow visitors the ability to search specific sections of your site exclusively, that may have a large amount of content, as displayed via this report. 10/08/2003
52. Search The Web - You can now customize your search box, utilizing the Search Partitions feature, to include the ability to 'Search the Web'. Results from the Web are retrieved from LOGIKA's search engine. When configuring your Search Partition, utilize the FusionBot reserved value, FB_WEB, as your Directory Path. 08/26/2003
53. SSI Functionality for Search Templates - Silver and Gold customers can include remote files as part of their search templates, in order to insert dynamic content into their templates on the fly. For example, if Server Side Include (SSI) files are used for your site's menu structure or ad banner rotation, these same files can be remotely called and included within your FusionBot template. 6/1/2003
54. Cancel Spider Request - Discovered a problem with your settings while the spider is currently crawling your site? You can cancel the currently running spider session, by selecting the 'Spider' tab, clicking on the 'Progress Viewer' link, and then clicking the 'Cancel Spider' button located at the bottom of the page. Not only will this cancel your current crawl, but your index request will be deleted from our system, resetting your number of available 'Index on Demands' to its previous level. 6/1/2003
55. Create Search Partitions Using Wildcards - You can now include a wildcard (*) to BOTH the front AND back of your Search Partition URL entry, allowing you to specify multiple, similarly named directories throughout your entire site, which should be included as part of your region. 6/1/2003
56. TITLE and URL Search Functionality via Search Partitions. 6/1/2003
57. Word Stemming Applied to Page Relevance Keywords. 6/1/2003
58. Users can now influence the position of entire domains or directories within the search results - Using the Page Relevance Weighting Feature, you can now instruct FusionBot to match partial URLs (and thus entire domains) rather than having to enter an EXACT match for influencing the position of a document. To instruct a partial match, append an asterisk (*) to the end of the URL entered in the Page URL field. 3/06/2003
59. Auto-Jump one match redirect - Using the Search Results Auto-Redirect Feature, enabling Auto-Jump will cause your visitors to be taken directly to a specific page on your site, when this page is the ONLY MATCHING DOCUMENT to a visitor's search. 1/28/2003
60. No Keywords Searched Auto-Redirect - Using the Search Results Auto-Redirect Feature, ability to redirect visitors to a specific page on your site, with a custom message, when they do not enter keywords into the search box when submitting a query. 12/20/2002
61. Download Raw Search Activity Logs - Option to download, over an extended date range (180 days), raw query logs to your computer for analysis and archival purposes, in tab, comma, or semicolon delimited format. 12/20/2002
62. Save Default Report Filter Settings - Option to automatically apply default filter settings when generating reports, preventing the re-entering of settings each time a report is requested. 12/20/2002
63. Spider Progress Viewer - After requesting a spider, you can view in real-time the spider's progress as it crawls your site. Haven't received an email confirmation, and your Index Log Report has not been updated? It's possible that the spider is still currently indexing your site. This feature will help determine whether an active spider session is in progress. 12/3/2002
64. Pass session variable values to your search results page - Silver & Gold customers can pass the value of server side session variables to their FusionBot template for re-display on their search results page. 11/26/2002
65. FusionBot Custom Meta Keywords Tag - Supplement or replace your current META Keywords tag with custom content exclusively for your FusionBot implementation. 11/26/2002
66. Reports IP Address Filter - Option to generate search reports for specific IP addresses only, omit specific IP addresses from your reports, or include all IP addresses. 11/21/2002
67. FusionBot 4.0 Launched! With this release comes a completely redesigned version of the FusionBot website. Click Here for more information. 11/6/2002
68. Create Multiple Templates for Silver and Gold subscribers. You are now able to design and implement multiple templates that allow you to control the appearance of your search results depending on where your search is being conducted from. 11/6/2002
69. Create Multiple Search Boxes for your site. You can now define multiple search partitions, each with their own unique index. This is particularly useful for keeping internal content separate from external content, yet searchable. 11/6/2002
70. Anchor Name Search - A FusionBot Exclusive! FusionBot will automatically return visitors to the specific location in your document where the match exists when your site utilizes the name attribute of the anchor tag, <a name="section_name">. 08/23/2002
71. Instruct the FusionBot spider to accept cookies when crawling your site. 08/23/2002
72. Click-Throughs Report - Discover which pages are clicked most often within your search results. 08/23/2002
73. Word Stemming for Paid Packages - Instruct FusionBot to take the STEM of your visitor's search terms to generate common variants of these words when determing matching documents. 08/23/2002
74. Common Words list for Paid Packages - Select from a standard list, or create your own custom list, of keywords that should be ignored when a visitor includes these common words in their search. 08/23/2002
75. Choose to display / disable display of icon indicating document type (Acrobat, Word, Excel). 08/23/2002
76. For paid packages, FusionBot will now crawl and include Microsoft Word & Excel documents in your index. 08/23/2002
77. Return visitors to a specific page on your site when certain keywords or phrases are searched, rather than to the FusionBot generated search results page. 07/30/2002
78. Option to have Weekly Search Activity Reports sent to your email. 07/25/2002
79. Option to receive email notification when scheduled spider has successfully completed indexing your site. 07/25/2002
80. Emergency Email Notification Form for paid packages. A new icon is available from the Account Info tab for contacting customer support in the event of an emergency during after hours, weekends, and holidays. 05/28/2002
81. Create Custom Search Regions / Partitions for allowing visitors to search specific sections of your site. 05/16/2002
82. Change the default Mini-Portal search box text to your own custom labels. 05/16/2002
83. FusionBot now follows Shockwave / Flash links for ALL packages. 05/10/2002
84. Disable indexing of META Tag content for entire site. 04/24/2002
85. Greater control over how sites included in your mini-portal are indexed. 04/11/2002
86. Redirect visitors to a customized error message page on your site when no results are returned for a search. 04/10/2002
87. Create a Robots.txt file from within your FusionBot Account via the Exclude Pages & Directories Form. 04/08/2002
88. "Restore Previous Index" option for reverting your search results back to the previous successful crawl. 04/08/2002
89. Specify the Default sorting option for your search results, by Rank or Date. For sites with time sensitive information, sorting the search results by Date can now be specified by default. Also, the search results give the user the ability to 're-sort' the results by Rank or Date. You may choose to disable this as an option to your users. 04/08/2002
90. Enhanced Multi-Language Support. Select the CHARSET value from within your account rather than manually editing your FusionBot HTML code. 04/08/2002
91. Select which language the FusionBot logo and any of the standard FusionBot generated search results text should appear in. Currently, 8 languages are available including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese, with more to follow. 04/08/2002
92. Set the value of the target frame for where your search results should appear when clicked upon from within your account rather than manually editing your FusionBot HTML code. 04/08/2002
93. Custom setting of available Index On Demand requests or Auto-Refresh Rate frequency. For example, if your current package is adequate for most features, but you would like more Index on Demand requests to be available, or you would like to increase your Auto-Refresh Rate we can now do so, for a nominal fee, without requiring an upgrade to the next package level. Contact Customer Support for more information. 04/08/2002
94. Silver & Gold customers benefit from enhanced customization control, and improved ease of customization with our innovative Template file & Objects syntax. Your current Header / Footer files have been automatically converted to a single template file. 02/08/2002
95. Ability to control the elements displayed as part of the context of your search results. 02/08/2002
96. Greater control over the options displayed as part of the search box. 02/08/2002
97. Select from a list of pre-defined Template options for more flexibility in the appearance of your search results. 02/08/2002
98. Custom Page Rank interface for increasing or decreasing the relevance of specific pages. 10/22/2001
99. Facilitate the process of creating a Mini-Portal for implementing search around multiple sites. 10/15/2001
100. Dreamweaver Extension for installation and customization of FusionBot within authoring environment. 07/24/2001
101. Search Hits Report for viewing daily unique search terms and their corresponding number of matches, including those searches that yielded no results. 05/21/2001
102. Suggestion Wizard for Customization Assistance. 05/01/2001
103. Index password-protected content within your site. 04/02/2001
104. Index Log Report for viewing status of last requested or scheduled index. 03/22/2001
105. Index Adobe Acrobat PDF Content. 03/12/2001
106. Instruct FusionBot NOT to index META Tag content for a specific page. 03/12/2001
107. Adobe GoLive 5.0 Drag and Drop Implementation. 02/09/2001
108. Prevent a particular portion / section of your page(s) from being indexed with the <noindex>...</noindex> or <noindexfb>...</noindexfb> tags. 01/16/2001
109. Summary and Frequent Visitor Reports enhanced by adding a hyperlink to IP Address for more detailed information on who the IP Address is associated with. 01/05/2001
110. Remove the sitemap as an option from your search box and the search results page. 12/18/2000
111. Scoring search results. A visible 'relevancy factor' has been added to the search results. Soon you will be able to control the weight given to certain sections of your pages for even greater relevancy control. 11/27/2000
112. Allow your visitors to search a collection of sites with a FusionBot Mini-Search Portal. 11/08/2000

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